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9 Questions You Need To Ask About Elliptical Bikes

An Elliptical exercise machine is a low-impact, stationary trainer. You can stand upright on the device, with your hands on handrails. Your feet are comfortably positioned in foot pedals so your feet never leave the pedals. Then you simply walk with your natural motion. Elliptical trainers allow you to perform a standing exercise which offers a large, elliptical range of motion similar to walking, running or stair climbing, but without any impact.

Some of the Questions to Know About the Elliptical Bikes

When deciding on your new elliptical machine, you should take into account that will be using it now and in the future.

  • What Is The Maximum User Weight?

It is vital to check the maximum weight capacity of the trainer because there always is an upper limit and even this has to be taken with a pinch of salt. You don’t want to deal with not-so-good vibrations and balance issues as well as eventual breakdown due to overloading.

  • How Noisy Is It During Operation?

It will just become irritating and may eventually prevent you from exercising if the noise level is too high. You have to make sure that the sound won’t be drowned out by noise emanating from your training machine if you want to use a television or a CD player with some of the best workout music as distractions while training.

  • Is The Ramp Adjustable?

You will be able to add additional benefits to your workout if your elliptical machine has an adjustable ramp. Your back and legs will get a more intense workout with a higher elevation while a lower setting will focus the attention more on your upper body. And a different ramp angle changes the elliptical path, bringing different muscle groups into play.

  • How Does An Elliptical Trainer’s Motion feel?

The shape, or pattern, of the elliptical motion, varies between manufacturers and even between models from the same manufacturers. One of the machines may exhibit a very flat elliptical motion, while another features significant vertical travel. The shape and feel of an elliptical trainer’s motion are greatly affected by the drive axle’s location either front drive, rear drive or center drive.

  • Is The Stride Length Is Fixed Or Adjustable?

The stride length is different from one elliptical trainer to another as well. Just knowing the stride length usually is not enough. You have to try the machine to decide what feels comfortable because a longer stride is often preferred especially by runners, taller users and those with longer walking strides.

  • Does It Come With iFit Compatibility?

Many elliptical trainers come with iFit compatibility because in effect it gives you access to a personal trainer with personalized workouts. This technology allows you to connect to the website where a trainer will guide you through various workouts. The best workout music is used throughout and you can also use the CDs and videos provided if you don’t have an internet connection.

  • Pedals And Pedal Spacing Is Comfortable Or Not?

You should look for pedals which provide a non-slip surface and plenty of room for your shoes as well as check out the feel of the pedal angle for comfort. Several elliptical machines sport pedal cushioning to provide comfort to your feet.

  • What Is The Source Of Power?

It is usually needed for the control panel and resistance features and this can be electrical or battery power.

  • Does It Incorporate An Upper Body Workout?

Some elliptical trainers come with movable upper body handlebars and this adds other dimensions to the training and makes it more productive.


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