Since Spin for the Cure is a long event, is it important to eat specific foods before the ride?
For dinner the night before the ride, it is important to eat carbohydrates that will give you a sufficient amount of energy for the ride. Examples of such foods include brown rice, pasta, sweet potatoes or beans. For protein also necessary during the ride add chicken to your meal.

I know breakfast is important, but exercising after a meal sometimes upsets my stomach. What are some examples of breakfast foods to eat?

In order to prevent an upset stomach, breakfast should be consumed 1.5 2 hours before the start of the ride. Some healthy foods include oatmeal with peanut butter, bagels with jelly, sweet potatoes with brown sugar, or edamame. Fruit is also good!

Are there any foods to stay away from before a ride?

Dairy products should generally be avoided before a long ride.

How much water should I consume before the ride?

Consciously consuming water the week leading up to the ride is important. Immediately before the ride, it is important to drink at least 1-2 8-ounce glasses of water each hour.

Should I bring something to eat during the ride in order to replenish my body?

Bringing water to drink during the ride is important. Power gels and power jellybeans will also be provided during the ride.


Where do I register for the event?
The event registration page can be found by clicking “Help Now”.

I am planning to register as a rider, can the $150 registration fee be attained through donations?

Yes, you will need to register up front and pay the $150 fee but you can raise donations to cover a portion of the registration with the Spin for the Cure fundraising form.

I am planning to register as a rider, but would like to raise more donations from family and friends. Where can I find a fundraising form?

You can download the Spin for the Cure fundraising form that you can use to collect and submit donations. This form can then be mailed in along with your collected donations, or brought to the event on October 10th.

How long do I have to register?

Due to the limit of 300 spinning bikes, registration is only available until all bikes are reserved. Therefore, it is important to register early!

I am unable to participate. Can I still make a donation to the event?

Yes! Spin for the Cure is happy to accept your donations via our fundraising form that you can use to collect and submit donations by mail.


Who benefits from Spin for the Cure?

Spin for the Cure benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Cincinnati.

How much money do I have to raise in order to participate in Spin for the Cure?

In order to reserve a bike and register for the 4th Annual Spin for the Cure, a minimum of a $150 donation will be asked of each individual rider.

Can I split the duration and cost of the ride with friends?

Teams of two to four people can register to split both the time spent riding and minimum donation amount. Only one person from the team needs to register and pay the $150 donation. Limit one free Spin for the Cure merchandise bag per team.

Any further questions can be directed to [email protected]